Dynamo Sends a Contingent to AAA LC Swim Championship

Dynamo sent a team of ten swimmers to the BC AAA LC Swim Championship in Victoria this year from July 3-6 resulting in the team’s best performance ever. The club won 6 medals and placed 24th out of 57 teams in the competition. Best performances were:

  • Marko Dukic 13 – silver medal in 400 Free
  • Dymitriy Lim 13 – bronze medal in 400 IM and 1500 Free
  • Sara Whelan 16 – bronze medal in 100 Free and 800 Free
  • Jasmine Whelan 15 – bronze medal in 50 Breast
  • Grace Lin 12 – 8th in 200 Fly
  • Brian Ni 14 – 7th in 1500 Free
  • Max Campbell 12 – semifinal in 100 Breast
  • Taranom Shirbani 13 – semifinal in 50 Back
  • Simirin Purhar 18 – semifinal in the 100 MR
  • Mark Pang 16 and all the swimmers in the meet got best times in their events. Congratulations to all!

    LMR Championship Hosted by Dynamo at Bonsor Pool

    Dynamo Swim Club hosted the LMR Championship at Bonsor pool June 7-8. The competition was a success for all 11 teams and the 236 swimmers in the meet. The Dynamo parents and swimmers that volunteered at the meet did an excellent job. “Congratulations” and “Thank You” to each and every one of you!

    Dynamo swimmers did very well. The new Regional Champions and medals winners from Dynamo Swim Club are:

  • Eric Xiong, 10 years old, gold medals in 50m and 100m Free.
  • Stefan Dukic, 9 years old, gold medal in 400 Free.
  • Samantha Skene, 13 years old, gold medal in 200 Free, silver medals in 200 Free and 200 IM.
  • Taia Yuen, 14 years old, gold medal in 200 Fly, bronze medals in 100 Fly and 200 IM.
  • Naiomi Donald, 13 years old, gold medals in 800 Free, bronze medals in 200 and 400 Free.
  • Bryan Liu, 11 years old, silver medal in 100 Back and bronze medal in 50 Free.
  • Rebecca Szakas, 15 years old, silver medals in 100 and 200 Back.
  • Megan Wong, 10 years old, bronze medal in 50 Free.
  • If anyone had any time to take photos please provide them to your coach so we can put some up on the website!

    Learn How to Bake a Cake

    Yes, it is a swimming article.

    Okay, we all want to know how to bake a cake, but here is the article Lidia really wanted you all to read on transitions in swimming!

    Employment Opportunities

    DYNAMO SWIM CLUB is interested in swimming teachers and coaches applying for work in part-time and full time capacities. Positions include:

  • Part-time Swim Teacher positions working with DYNAMO SWIM SCHOOL.
  • Part-time coaching positions for those who are keen to learn more about coaching and work beside one of our senior coaches.
  • A position for those who may have the skills to move into a full time position as part of the DYNAMO SWIM CLUB system.
  • We are looking for individuals who are willing and able to become part of a growing swim club. These positions expose the candidate to skills in teaching, marketing, coaching, managing, leadership, promotion and hard work for reward. Please direct applications and general enquiries Lidia Menzies at dynamoswim@gmail.com, Dynamo Swim Club Director of swimming.

    Dynamo at the Wavemaker Meet in Victoria

    Last weekend seven swimmers from the Dynamo Swim Team travelled to Victoria, BC and competed in the Wavemaker swim meet. There were over 400 swimmers from all over Canada and two teams from the USA. Dynamo placed 14th out of 18 teams with a combined total of 479 points.

    Dynamo swimmers did excellent. All swimmers got their best times in all or most of their events and all of them made finals in more than one event. The best female performance and the winner of the race suit was Grace Lin with 100% best times in all events and finals. For boys, the top performers were Dmitriy Lim and Brian Ni. They got their times for Age Group Nationals in two events. Congratulations everyone!

    There are some photos of this event on our media page.

    Dynamo’s Spring Invitational

    Dynamo hosted their annual spring invitational March 22-23 which was fun for the whole team. We had 66 swimmers competing in the meet and the Gators Swim Club had 24 swimmers. Dynamo won first place. This training competition was challenging for most of the Dynamo swimmers as they had to swim more events in a session than they would normally do at other swim meets. All of the swimmers got a best time in more than one event and that is an excellent performance! We all learned a new cheer from the team captain, Nina Takahashi, and looked good in their team gear. Good job Nina! Results are here.

    We would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped at the meet. For a swim meet to be a success it takes a lot of people and effort.

    Also Dynamo hosted a Masters competition Sunday with adults of all ages racing to qualify for the Provincials and the World Championship this summer in Montreal, Canada. Those results are here.

    Swim BC Open Championship

    On March 8th to 9th Dynamo swimmers competed in Victoria, BC at 2014 Swim BC Open Championship with some excellent results:

  • Sara Whelan, 16 won prize money in the 400 Free and won the bronze medal and also had best times.
  • Nina Takahashi, 16 placed 6th in 200 Breast and got best times.
  • Jasmine Whelan, 15 placed 4th in 200 Breast and got best times.
  • BC SC AA Championship

    At the BC AA Championships in Chilliwack, February 28 to March 2, 2014 seven swimmers of the Junior/Senior Program participated in the short course championships.

  • Marko Dukic (Bronze in 1500 Free – 1st AAA, A Final in 200 Back, B Finals in 200 Brst)
  • Ryan Hong (Silver in 1500 Free – 1st AAA, Gold in 200 Brst – 1st AAA, Gold in 100 Brst – AAA, B Final in 200 Free)
  • Aivrey McKinley (Bronze in 200 Brst – 1st AAA, B Final in 100 Brst)
  • Erin Patterson (B Final in 400 IM, 10th place in 4 x 50 Medley Relay, 8th place in 4 x 50 Free Relay)
  • Demetra Sicoli (A Final in 50 free – 1st AAA, A Final in 200 Fly, Gold in 100 Fly – 1st AAA)
  • Rachel Su (8th place in 4x 50 Free Relay, four best times)
  • Helena Zhou (Gold in 200 Brst – 1st AAA, B Final in 200 Fly, Gold in 100 Brst – 1st AAA)
  • A Good Weekend for Dynamo!

    Dynamo brought their team of 5 swimmers in the Junior/Senior Program to the Westerns Canadian Championship in New Westminster, February 13- 16, 2014.

    For the first time at the National level Dynamo placed 73rd in the combined score for Easterns/Westerns from the 127 teams that scored. Dynamo placed ahead of teams older and three times larger. Best results:

  • Mariya Chekanovych (Gold in 200 Brst & Silver in 100 Brst)
  • Andrew Takahashi (6th place in 1500 Free, B Final in 200 Brst, 11th place in 800 Free)
  • Nina Takahashi (A Final in 200 IM, B Final in 400 IM, B Final in 100 Fly)
  • Sara Whelan (B Final in 200 IM, 200 Free, 200 Free)
  • Jasmine Whelan (A Final in 200 Brst and 100 Brst)
  • Women’s Relay in 4 x 100 Free (12th place)
  • Women’s Relay in 4 x 50 Medley (17th place)
  • Women’s team placed nineteenth out of 49 teams participated in the meet
  • At the LMR Championship in Richmond the same weekend the young Dynamo team had an excellent performance. Best results:

  • Marko Dukic 13 won 4 medals, silver in 1500m Free, silver in 200m Breast, silver in 200m Free, bronze in 100m Back and he is qualified for Provincials.
  • Rachel Su 12, gold in 50m Free, silver in 100m back and qualified for Provincials.
  • Samantha Skene 13, bronze in 50m Free.
  • For photos head on over to our media page.

    Congratulations to all swimmers!

    January Provincial/Senior Swim Team Newsletter

    Go here to read what Dmitriy has to say on training and not getting sick. Congratulations to Demetra as Swimmer of the Month and to those who performed so well at the BC Senior Circuit! Now go read the details.

    Dynamo at the Hyack Icebreaker

    The Dynamo Swim Team started the new year with a swim meet in New Westminster; the Hyack Icebreackerwhich ran from the 11-12 of January. The 16 swimmers competing in the meet did a very good job with a lots of best times and qualifications for AA or AAA Provincial Championship.

    Best performance for Junior National group was: Ryan Hong 13, 100% best times and AAA provincial time in 200 Breast and gold in 1500 Free. Naiomi Donald 12, 3 best times, Marko Dukic 13, 2 best times and a AA provincial time. Aivery McKinley 14, one best time and a AA provincial time, Erin Patterson 12, 4 best times and 1 new provincial AA time, Demetra Sicoli 13, 3 best times and AA provincial times and the highest FINA point total at 404. Samantha Skene, 13, all best times, Rachel Su 12, 4 best times, Taia Yuen 13, 3 best times, Helena Zhou 11, 3 best times and 4 AAA provincial times and gold in 100 Breast and 50 Breast. Rebecca Szakacs 14, one best time. Over all this was a good swim meet for Dynamo with great progress from the last swim meet just in December last year. Keep-up the good work.

    The Regional group swam well at the Hyack Meet considering this was the first meet after the break with less than a week of pre-meet training. Megan Wong 10, and Eric Xiong 9, had the most improvement with them swimming nearly 100% best times, off by only one event. Megan’s best event was the 200 Freestyle. She took off 9 seconds! Eric’s best event was 100 Butterfly. He took off 23 seconds! Daniel Dukic 9, swam four best times with his best event being the 200 Freestyle. He took off 40 seconds! Kai Kawasaima 12 swam three best times with his best event being the 50 Freestyle. He took off 3 seconds!

    Congratulations to all swimmers!

    Full results are here.

    December Newsletter

    The latest newsletter is out now! Go read what coaches Lidia and Dmitriy have to say of the year so far. Dmitriy has also pointed out some things to think about on your turns! Also hear from the Board of Directors and find out about our Christmas Mini Meet and Party!

    Dynamo at Fall Into Finals

    The Dynamo Provincial Swim Team attended their first meet this week-end under new Provincial Team coach Dmitriy Kononenko. This meet, Fall Into Finals held November 9 & 10, was well attended and had a very high level of competition. The swimmers saw the fruits of their labour for the five months of hard work put in since their last meet in June. Also a benefit for the swimmers was the work and dedication Dmitriy put into the Provincial Team, increasing the intensity of dryland training and working on improving all swimmers’ stroke technique and overall fitness level. Finally, the swimmers have also benefitted from the increased pool time over last year and Lidia`s and Michael`s coaching. All of this combined into a swim meet full of personal bests!

  • Marko Dukic 6 swims – 6 Personal Best times, 200 Back – 2:51.66 (while AA is 2:51.50).
  • Aivrey McKinley 6 swims – 6 Personal Best times, 200 Breast – 3:04.57 AA and 100 Breast – 1:27.55 AA.
  • Demetra Sicoli 5 swims – 5 Personal Best Times, 50 Free – 31:43 AA.
  • Rebecca Szakacs 3 swims – 3 Personal Best times.
  • Nina Takahashi 5 swims – 2 Personal Best times, 200 IM – 2:23.15 Western Canadian. She was a money prize winner and the second fastest girl in her age category based on FINA points.
  • Helena Zhou 5 swims – 5 Personal Best times, 200 Breast – 3:05.34 AAA, 100 Breast 1:27.68 AAA, 200 Free – 2:45.82 AA and 400 Free – 5:47.85 AA.
  • Girls relay 4 x 50 IM 2:28.05 which beat our entry time of 2:33.38
    Girls relay 4 x 50 Free 2:12.86 which beat entry time of 2:19.47

    Congratulations to all swimmers and coaches for such a great showing!


    For all the photos head on over to our media page.

    Dynamo’s 2012/13 Awards Night

    On November 2nd the Dynamo Annual General Meeting and Awards night potluck event was held at the Edmond’s Community Centre. Here are some photos on the media page and the full list of award recipients.

    Breaststroke Stretching

    Dmitriy has recommended that all swimmers read an article on stretching before practice to prevent knee pain associated with breaststroke. So head on over to the Athlete’s Corner and read it. Unfortunately the article had to be scanned in as two separate pages. Tough it out and read both!

    October Newsletter

    The latest newsletter is out now! Go have a read to hear from coaches Lidia, Dmitriy, and Marybel. Also hear from the Board of Directors and find out what you need to bring to the AGM Potluck we are having on November 2nd!

    Welcome Back for the 2013/14 Swim Season!

    Fall registration has started and practices commence on September 9th! Be sure to check the Dynamo Calendar to keep up-to-date on practice locations and times. You’ll notice our pool times have changed significantly from previous years! Our 2013/14 Fee Schedule has been released. We’ve also signed up with Team Unify to assist in the registration process allowing for registration and payment online. Click the appropriate link to sign up for the Swim School and Masters or the Swim Team. Remember though that after you sign up for the Swim Team, click the Swim School link to pick your training days.

    Now is also a good time for parents to review the club’s Parental Principles to help guide you through the year. Swimmers are also encouraged to read the articles presented in the Athlete’s Corner (look under Swim Programs to find it) and to generally wander around the website, there is lots of good information here!

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